Project Details

Client : Stratford upon Avon Methodist Church Council

Value : £800k (Completion May 2014)

Contractor : Tompkins Construction Ltd

Quantity Surveyors : Bridgewater and Coulton Ltd

Structural Engineers : JMS Consulting Engineers


Project Description

Stratford Methodist Church is located to the south of Stratford Town Centre, east of the banks of the River Avon.  The existing Church was built in April 1964, and had a traditional pitched roof, and brick structure, with the east Facade and existing Entrance Foyer clad in Cyclopean Cotswold stone.

The existing floor plans consisted of a large central Worship Area, a linking Welcome Foyer, two Activity Rooms, and a further large Activity Room, linking directly to the entrance and lounge area.

The Church approached our Office in 2007, with a vision to re-vitalise their tired looking Church.  The Church Council had developed a detailed brief that included a series of new and refurbished areas including the construction of a new Annex building to the rear, a new extension to the front of the existing Church building, and general upgrade of external works.

The Church also has a strong desire to use new sustainable technologies to help the building conserve heat and power, for future generations.

Given the nature of the site, a detailed archaeological excavation monitoring took place as the ground was made ready for the new extensions.

Ultimately, the Church facilities will include; a new holistic electrical and heating system, with Photovoltaic Panels and LED lighting, a Ground Source Heat Pump with under-floor heating; refurbished Activity Rooms; a new Annex building, with connected toilets, a Kitchenette, and a protected external safe play area.

The Church have also installed a rainwater harvesting system, that will recycle grey water for use on site.

Once complete in May 2014, the works will also include refurbished Worship Area and the Wesley (Church) Hall, and new level threshold accesses.


Client Testimonial

Our redevelopment project in Stratford upon Avon Methodist Church was conceived in 2008 after in-depth discussion with Ken Holmes of Vagdia and Holmes to meet the five aims to make our Church premises fit for mission in the 21st Century.  We wanted to improve our church premises for our mission in the community as well as make them sustainable for a low carbon future.

The Architect’s made presentations to the Church several times throughout the preparation period to make sure our vision was fully expressed in his plan.

Vagdia and Holmes have made great efforts to make sure there is good consultation between the builders and the Church.  Under their excellent management, Phase One of our plan was finished before Christmas 2013, and within budget.  

We have now started Phase Two, and expect to have the work finished by May 2014. With the Architect’s deep understanding of our vision, and his patience in guiding us and dealing with all the problems encountered, we have great confidence that we can make our Church premises a welcoming place for sharing the love of God with all the people around us and a greener building to facilitate all the community activities expected from us.  Property Steward, Stratford Upon Avon Methodist Church (2014)



We are delighted that the works have been recorded and circulated through the Methodist Property Committee’s January 2014 eNewsletter, the Buzz.  Click here to see the article.