The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills annnouced this week that – as part of a reform to help the Industry build on its recent growth – they have abolished the role of the Government’s Chief Construction Advisor.  There is no news of a potential replacement, and the “streamlining” of the Construction Leadership Council leaves concern for the much needed and continued leadership and support for the Industry.

Vagdia and Holmes, Chartered Architects have – over the past two terms – been connected with both Construction Advisors, hosting a pan-industry debate with Paul Morrell – the former advisor – in 2011, and then contributing to the RIBA Futures Debate with Peter Hansford in 2014.

Once again, the Industry is left to champion its own value, and to determine the remainder of its own recovery plan, which seems short-sighted, particularly when it employs £2.2m people, within 350,000 construction businesses, all of which contribute 7.3% to UK GDP.

“Speaking about the news, Practice Director Dhiran Vagdia said;

“This is unhelpful news at a time when workloads are picking up, as it is through growth that we can continue to champion best practice, investment in skills and reduce the Industry’s carbon footprint“.

He went on;

“It is disappointing that there appears to have been little liaison with Industry over the reform, and along with similar disregard for the Green Deal Home Improvement programme, investment in solar power and the improvement of a fabric first approach for new homes through the Building Regulations, this action is again showing that the Government leadership must be stronger.”

BIS have announced that the new streamlined Construction Leadership Council will include ten members, each of whom will lead specific workstreams, to deliver improvements to working practices in the Industry.

As an active business within the local construction community, Vagdia and Holmes are committed to doing what it can to improve the Industry, and continue advocating the targets set out in the Industry’ Strategy – Construction 2025.